Structure of the M. tuberculosis population in Mongolia according to the results of genotyping of large-sequence polymorphisms

N. V. Kirillova, E. A. Fedosova, N. Naranbat, T. Oyuntuya, B. Buyankhishig, D. Enkhsaikhan, V. V. Demkin, P. NYMADAWA

Molecular Genetics, Microbiology and Virology Journal, 2012


We performed genotyping of 112 tuberculosis agent isolates from patients suffering from lung tuberculosis in Mongolia using the RD9, RD7, TbD1, RD105, and RD750 loci. Genotypes of all the obtained isolates were characterized by preservation of the RD9, RD7, and RD750 loci and by a deletion in the locus TbD1. A deletion of RD105 was found in 65 (58%) isolates. The isolates were classified into two groups, East Asian and European-American ones, by the results of genotyping.

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