Laboratoire Rodolphe Mérieux de Phnom Penh

First National Workshop on Antibiotic Resistance in Cambodia: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 16–18 November 2011

E. Vlieghe, S. Sary, K. Lim, C. Sivuthy, T. Phe, C. Parry, B. De Smet, C. Monidarin, E. Baron, C.E. Moore, W. Mfuko, N. Asgari, O. Chhorvoini, N. Steenkestej, C. Leyer, J. van Griensven, S. Thai, J. Jacobs

Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance, vol1, Issue1, 2013, 31–34


The First National Workshop on Antibiotic Resistance in Cambodia was organised by the Cambodian Ministry of Health with supportfrom several national and international partner institutions. It brought together policy-makers, clinicians, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and other professionals dealing with the problems of bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance across the country. Antibiotic resistance data from starting up and experienced laboratories were presented, showing high rates of resistance in key pathogens to most antibiotics currently available in Cambodia, e.g. 70–90% multidrug resistance and 70–80% decreased ciprofloxacin susceptibility in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi, 20–40% meticillin resistance rates in Staphylococcus aureus and 30–50% extended-spectrum b-lactamase production in Escherichia coli. A five-point plan was discussed, which included initiatives from government and non-governmental partners, focusing on rational prescribing, clinical practice guidelines, improved laboratory services, infection prevention and enhanced education at all levels. Implementation, however challenging, is a priority given the high levels of resistance seen in key pathogens and the overall health needs in the country.


Antibiotic resistance, Bacterial Surveillance, Cambodia Workshop

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