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Our international meetings provide an opportunity to address the main research priorities on infectious diseases and support young scientists' career opportunities by granting the Young Scientists Award.


December 10 - 13, 2013

Les Pensières, Annecy, France

6th GABRIEL Network Meeting

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6th GABRIEL network meeting group


The 6th annual meeting of the GABRIEL network took place December 10-13, 2013, at Les Pensières Conference Center in Annecy. It brought together more than 90 researchers from over 20 countries: physicians, laboratory diagnostics specialists, university professors and scientists from both the public and private sectors. Participants compared their experiences and discussed the latest scientific advances in the fields of acute respiratory infections, tuberculosis, typhoid, fever biomarkers, meningitis, neglected tropical diseases, emerging pathogens and influenza surveillance.

Program highlights included individual presentations during three sessions:

  • Advances in tuberculosis multidrug resistance
  • Overview of field research initiatives
  • Current status of the pilot multi-center case-control pneumonia study

In addition, two workshops were organized. The first focused on tools for genome sequencing and database analysis, while the second looked at food-borne diseases in GABRIEL countries.