An international research network

We promote international collaboration in the field of infectious diseases and support local initiatives to address public health challenges.

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Our member laboratories work in regions with frequent exposure to infectious diseases and a high risk of epidemics due to emerging pathogens.

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A network in action

Our initiatives focus on 3 pillars to strengthen the scientific and technical capacities of our members.


on acute respiratory infections, tuberculosis, antimicrobial resistance & emerging pathogens

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of diagnostic testing tools to enhance pathogen detection and characterization

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Training &

to strengthen our members’ ability to carry out independent research projects

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To build capacity and improve laboratory-based surveillance of diseases with a major impact on public health in developing countries

Key figures

75+ scientific collaborative publications

since 2012

70+ scientists

working on GABRIEL research programs

34+ research protocols

including 18 in progress, carried out jointly with our members

Network partners

The commitment of the Network’s partners and sponsors drives the success of our activities.

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